Summer Camp

Camp Experience

Acarath is a quality program. We strive to develop many skills and foster strong relationships with all the participants. We have a low staff turnover and excellent ratios.

Don't Lose the Edge

Our summer camp continues with our high academic standards. For the summer months we do accept  older children in our program (up to 8 years old). Fridays are special outing or an in-house event.

Challenge Program

Children completing their kindergarten year and older participate in our "Challenge" program.  This program is designed to hone children's logic thinking skills.  Children are challenged during a special daily session with thinking "outside the box" activities.

Friday Outings

Every Friday for June and July we plan a field trip or special in house activity for the day.  Our trips are to such places as the water park, Pump It Up, Pirates Cove etc.  In house "trips" include a sports day, craft day, and theme show day.  Our Friday ratios for trips are 3 children to one adult for our younger groups.  Older children are 5:1


Children continue to develop academic and physical skills they have been working on throughout the year.  With our regular Montessori sessions and activities and swimming, their day is very full!  By the time their rest period comes, they are more than ready for some "down time".

Staff Student Ratio

Our ratios for staff to student are consistent throughout the year.  Our classrooms maintain a ratio of one teacher for every seven children.  In activities and the swimming pool, that ratio changes to one teacher for every 5 children.  Our typical group size is 20 children.  For our grade school children the group size may be larger.